August 28, 2011

What Hurricane Irene taught me...

Oh, the things I take for granted in my civilized comfy existence. 

All it takes is a hurricane with winds strong enough to knock power out for a mere eight hours and I wonder...

How does anyone live without the convenience of electricity??  Ah...the mere flick of a switch at our fingertips...
Or without Coffee at the ready??
Or heaven forbid...without this?? Our little window into the world??
Although it was a HUGE sacrifice, I found myself enjoying a lot of this

a little of this...
and a bit of this (penning some inspirational crafting ideas)
All in all, I'm so thankful we're safe and with no damage to our home..

But after eight hours of living without my "spoiled" conveniences
I hope this post finds you well and enjoying all that we take for granted! xoxo
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Anonymous said...

Our power flickered during a thunderstorm last week, and the a/c was knocked out for 2 hours. It was horrible!!

In all seriousness, though...I'm glad you are safe and doing good!


Passionate for White said...

We were out for 17 electricity sure puts things into perspective!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I hate to say it but we were out for a mere 30 seconds! I had my time this past winter though and don't want to have to do it again!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Well put, Karen! We lost power for 12 hours, and by the end of it I was quite bored. Especially at night, when there's no light to read with.
But..the candlelight was pretty, the moments were relaxing and it could have been much worse.
Grateful and serene...I guess it makes us appreciate our blessings. :)
xo, Susan