January 31, 2011

Snowy Days and Christmas Displays

Brrrr....Snowy Days in New England just never end this Winter. We seem to be having a major snowstorm once a week. I thought I'd share a couple pics of one of our many snowstorms...this one was a wet and heavy snow as you can see how it's bending my little tree.This pic was taken from my window out towards my neighborsThis is my neighbors home on the other side. Aren't the branches so pretty "laced" with the snow?
Here are my little Winter Snowfriends that come out each year to play.
They like to stand guard by my white tree with burlap bow This has been my table centerpiece for Chrismas and Winter. I used a lot of "natural" items around the candle and really loved the look it gave.
This is one wall of my dining room that got "dressed up" for Christmas.
I tried to stick with a lot naturals this year, creams, browns, silver.
I loved putting little groupings of trees in bowls, planters, or even silver gravy boats in this case!
Here is the upper part of that display shelf
Just ending with a showing of some of my Winter Wonderland Houses. I adore these and am slowly collecting them.
I'd love to hear any and all comments...be sure to let me know how "YOUR"
Winter is going.....
Hugs, Karen