August 12, 2012

Do it Anyway!

I love this song from Martina Mcbride for many reasons, and I wanted to share it with you plus include a little known fact...
Did you know this song was inspired by a poem written by Mother Teresa titled Anyway?

Enjoy...and may you find inspiration for your journey!
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August 8, 2012

White Wednesday ~ Kitchens and Reflections

When thinking about what to share with you today, I remembered that I haven't really posted much about my kitchen re-do.  

This was completed close to two years ago, and while trying to find my pictures of the "before", well...let's just say by the time I located would be another month between posts. 

So here we go... we'll just have to settle for the "afters" for now....

My home is a 115 year old as you can was ready for a remodel!
The old kitchen was dark and dreary...(barn red cabinets) that made a screeching noise when you closed them, since the house had settled and nothing fit quite right anymore....

I really love the do-over...full of modern conveniences like lazy susan's, sliding spice racks, pantry cupboard, double oven, cupboards and drawers that close automatically....ahhhh
This was no easy remodel. The doorway into the hallway had to be widened to accommodate the fridge.  We closed off a doorway where you see the stove now to make more counter space. Took out a mudroom to open up the kitchen and add closet space.  Before the redo, my kitchen had FIVE doorways leading out of it...which made for a very awkward kitchen.

The entire room was gutted down to the studs.... new walls, ceilings, floors, doors, window, appliances, cabinetry ...everything~
Although enjoying the kitchen has been short lived since the home is up for sale...
I'll always have these pics to remind me of the sweetness here...

Next I wanted to show you a sweet find this summer at a local boy scout troop sale. 

This mirror was gold in color and I just knew it would look lovely refashioned in  a coat of white.
I painted it in Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old white, and then distressed it around the edges.

I was going to sell it in the shop...and then I decided....
It was TOO lovely... I just couldn't part with it...

Loving the details....
She stands over four feet tall!  Now I just need to find a place for her where she can "reflect" and shine!  Not bad for a mere $7.00, wouldn't you say?
I also scored some fantastic old books and this lovely print, which DID make their way into the shop.
Along with this luscious lace, which currently graces my hand embellished gift bags!

Before I go, I wanted to thank Stipje for featuring my chalk-painted pots on her blog. Very sweet and such an honor for me.  You can follow the link here to see how she features other blogger's creations:

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See you there!
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