November 10, 2011

I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!

My blogger friends...I've missed you! I just recently returned from a week long trip to my happy place...
If you guessed someplace sunny and warm... you were right!

Ah...Sweet Florida....

I played hard all week with several good friends, and then came home and hit the ground running.

I began a forty hour a week temp job and the hours are 11:00 am to 7:30 pm five days a week. I'm grateful for the work, but the hours are tough.  I also work at the WCS every Sunday after church, so that leaves pretty much one day now to get "Life" done, if you know what I mean. blogging has suffered just a bit the last few weeks.  I'm trying to catch up on your blogs and find a way to keep mine updated...

Until then, be patient with me and know that I'm thinking of you all, and can't wait to oooh and ahhh over all your inspirations.

Until next post, I'll leave you with one little Christmas creation for the shop.
I made these little "Twelve Days of Christmas" Ornaments/Tags.
They are crafted from chipboard tags and of course numbers, tinsel, and glitter.
Close up, the glitter on them reminds me of sugar cookies...  mmmm!
These could be used for ornaments for a tree, or a base for an advent calendar, or even sweet gift tags for that special gift.

I think I'll link these up to Vintage Inspiration Friday at Common Ground, since they do seem to have a vintage appeal...don't you think?
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October 20, 2011

Jeanne d' Arc Magazine Giveaway Winner

I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway. It was nice to see old friends and meet new ones as well.

And now, without further adieu~

The winner of my Jeanne d' Arc Magazine Giveaway is:

Faith Hope Cherrytea

Congratulations and please email me your home address.
(you can find my email by clicking the "contact me" button on my sidebar)

 I know you'll simply love this magazine!
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October 14, 2011

A Vintage Fall Market Weekend ~ Part II

Ok friends~  Here is round two of our Vintage Fall Market Show at the Shop. 
If per chance you didn't see round one...please scroll down a couple won't be sorry!

This is one of Jeannie's two spaces.  I don't think there is ANYTHING Jeannie can't do or create!  Very talented lady~
Here's a shot of her second space.  Do you see that little vintage writing desk in the left hand corner? The one with the scrolly legs?
Alright...I'll zoom in so you can get a closer look.  All hand painted beauty and it even has a little drawer. See that little sold ticket? Yep, you guessed it. I had to buy it!

Don't know where in the world I'll put it, but as the old saying goes...if you really love'll find a spot for it!
Here we have Sandi's incredible space (better known to all as A Cottage Muse)  Her displays for the show were over the top gorgeous!  Sandi's use of black and creams, mixed with that farm-style desk had me swooning.
Here's a shot of her lovely mirror and you can see some of her other excellent creations in the reflection.
Martha has a sweet space and a wonderful style. We're all loving her burlap banners.
Jackie has two spaces (soon to be three) and she fills them all to the brim with must-have treasures. (woops...didn't mean to show up in the reflection of the mirror)
Here's yet another view of Jackie's goodies....
Karen C. has this wonderful space filled with vintage and antiques. I also have the pleasure of working with her at the shop each Sunday afternoon.
This is the space of the ever lovely Pam (who just so happens to be my cousin) Pam is country/primitive all the way and does a magnificent job showcasing her finds.
Here's another shot of her Fall/Halloween wares
This space belongs to the talented dynamic duo, Maureen and Peter.  There isn't anything the two of them can't refinish or re-purpose.  I have personally purchased more than a few things from them!
Here is Sue Z's space. She is currently directly across from one of my spaces. I was tripping over myself to get to this dresser...only to find it had already sold! WAH!!  The drawer handles are fashioned from buttons....
Jeanine and Susan share the front room of  the store, and their displays always pack a punch. They're a wonderful first impression for the customers entering the store.
Kathy always has the best antique bottles on the block
Here is Nancy J.'s space.  She always finds the neatest goodies! (and I can almost always find something here I want)
Mary and Maureen....two of our shop girls
And here I am with Shop Keeper Mary Ellen. We had a wonderful Fall Weekend at the shop, thanks to all our devoted customers!
Wishing you all a perfect weekend! xoxo
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October 12, 2011

The reward of the hunt...

Even with the busyness of readying for the Fall Market at the shop, I still 
managed to find time last weekend to do a little hunting...

Treasure hunting that is! 

Here's a little grouping of some of my finds.  These were captured (but none were harmed)  from several sources including (but not limited to) yard sales, local antique shops, and of course, right from the WCS where I rent space. 

Always happy to support my fellow dealers...  :)  Anywho...I'll show you close ups
First...I've been so excited to share this. See that pic below...the lovely bottle from The Beautiful Life?

Well, I've been coveting that for a couple weeks now from their website. I'm really loving the French Nordic look lately.  I think the price is around $26.00 and not a bad deal.

But...I was holding off, trying to behave (financially speaking)...ahem...cough cough
And then...look what I spied at a yard sale... and for only $3.00
A French Vinegar bottle which appears to be aged and still full of the vinegar to boot!
Here's the paper tag still on the back that reads product of France.  I just love when the sweet Lord rewards me with something so wonderful, and for much less than the original thing I wanted.  I imagine it makes Him smile when we wait on Him. 
This heavy iron chandelier was also found at a yard sale.  I LOVE the frenchness (is that a word?) of this, don't you?
Little Big Ben is actually a good size and I purchased this from Mary Ellen at the shop.  I was drawn to the aged patina around the edges, giving it an almost zinc- like appeal.
I also found these old covered jars for $3.00 each (at the same yard sale as the French Vinegar bottle) I think I may embellish them with some black numbers.
Here's that cross that I promised you a pic of in an earlier post. Isn't this fabulous? Rusty and crusty in all the right places. My biggest problem will be deciding which room gets to have it.
Picked up this vintage industrial look desk lamp at a local antiques shop for $14.99.  I was thrilled since I saw another like it in the same store for over $30.00.  My lucky day!!
Another yard sale old iron creamer. Painted white...shabby and rusty with drippy paint.  Be still my heart!  This set me back $10.00 but I couldn't resist it's French Farmhouse look.
Lastly, I just wanted to show you a sign I painted for my space at the shop.  My fellow shop girl Maureen suggested I put the little vintage clock faces on the side....
since after all... I am A Shabby Moment in "TIME"
Well, I hope all your hunts are successful, finding that perfect treasure to "mount" on your wall!
I'm linking up with White Wednesday at Faded Charm and Vintage Inspiration Friday at Common Ground.

Oh...and don't forget to enter my giveaway.  You still have until October 19th to enter. Click my giveaway button at the top right of my blog for details.
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October 8, 2011

Vintage Fall Market Weekend

This weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon) is our Vintage Fall Market Show at the shop.  I was there till late last night sprucing and feathering my space. Let me take you on a mini tour.

This is one of my spaces...wanted to center it around this shabby old rusty crib.  I have used this in the past for seating on my porch
Here's another view... I enjoyed pulling the fall colors into my space.
And...yet another
I adore that painted firkin's HUGE!
Those little lucite holders I embellished finally found there way into the shop
Here is Mary Ellen's space (she is the shop owner) Her displays are to die for and are truly magazine worthy!

Look at those metal crosses in the bucket. I just HAD to buy me one of those. I 'll show you a close up pic in a later post.
Her displays will stop you in your tracks!
Lucky for me I have to work at the shop tomorrow...I'll be sure to bring my checkbook with me... :)
This is my friend Mary's space (aka Chanel's Shabby Rose)  I'm lovin' all those clock faces!
Here's another shot of her space. Mary does a fabulous job refinishing furniture!
Wanted to show you another shop girl's wares. This is Nancy D.  Aren't those farm style bowls fantastic?
Here's Karen K's space.  She does a beautiful job displaying her finds~
I'm sad to say that my camera quit working after taking these pics!  It kept saying "memory full" and I knew I only had about 12 pics on it.  So.... I wasn't able to take pics of the rest of the girls treasures. :(

When I got home that night, I found the memory stick wasn't pushed in all the way.  Once I fiddled with it, all was well. So tomorrow (Sunday) while working at the shop, I'll take more pics to share from the rest of the WCS  Shop Girls.

Oh...and a special thanks to Sandi's (aka A Cottage Muse)  hubby Jim for hanging my sign and helping with the placement of nails! So appreciated!

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!
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