June 20, 2012

Six Different Whites and Six Bragging Rights

My six different whites are split between home and shop

Three Whites from home...

I purchased this long vintage feed sack from fellow shop girl Martha with the intent of using it on my dining table.  I just wasn't lovin' it there...you know how that happens sometimes??
But I decided I was lovin' it HERE on my little ruffled love seat.  You like?
My second whites to show are these vintage photos that I've tucked into an old typewriter. This sits atop my jelly cupboard in my front hall.
My third white from home is showcasing my shabby, vintage, rusty mailbox on my front porch. It's very similar to a brown one that Sandi (aka A Cottage Muse) has for sale in the shop.  I just love the scalloped edge on the lid!

Three whites from the shop:  I actually took these pics a few weeks ago, but I still want to share them for all the Parties this week....

Look at these yummy vintage Farmer's Almanacs rolled up and tied with lace... Deb had offered these beauties~
Mary Ellen (aka Shop Owner) had this beautiful prom/wedding dress on display...

And I loved this vignette of Sandi's...the contrasts of the whites, creams and browns were 
TRULY swoon worthy!
Ok...that's it for my six different Whites from home and shop...

Now for my Six  Bragging Rights...Since IT IS White Wednesday....and since FOUR of my six grandchildren have blonde hair...I thought they would qualify for White Wednesday showcasing! What do ya think? Well...indulge me anyway...  hee hee

The following three are sisters and brother:
Meet Emma Elizabeth (almost 7 years old)

Next I'd like to introduce Isabel Jane (5 years old)

Here is Abram Richard  (2 years old...and TODAY is his birthday in fact)

Now only one of the three grandchildren below have blonde hair...but I knew you wouldn't deny me the privilege of showing them ALL off.  These sweetie pies live in Florida so I don't have as many single pics of each of them...but I LOVE this one of them all together. Two brothers and one sweet sister.

Caleb James  is the cutie with the blonde hair (almost 4 years old)
Dustin Daniel is the doll in the middle (almost 2 years old)
Emily Grace is the beauty on the end (almost 7 years old)

I will be going to Florida this summer to visit them...can hardly wait!

Hope you've enjoyed my "whites" this time around.  

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June 13, 2012

"Statue Thoughts"

He:  "So scared and alone... who IS she?"
She: "I don't know, but she can stay over there...I don't trust her"
He: "But why my love? We don't even know her... Shouldn't we invite her over 
and at least say hello?"
She: "But I'm afraid"!
He: "Why dearest one?"

She: "Look at me...I'm so chippy, old, and worn....and she's so beautiful, smooth
and new! How could I ever compare?"
He: "That's not what I see when I look at you.  I see years of a life well spent...of loving, giving, grace, and character.  It takes YEARS to become as beautiful as you!!"
She: "Really?"

He: "Yes, I only have eyes for you...truly!  And besides...have you noticed that we're joined together? I couldn't depart from you even if I wanted to...
(but don't worry...I'll never want to)"
She: "Allright then, I feel  much better now. Let's invite her to come closer"

He:  "See...that wasn't so bad."  
She: "She's very quiet"
She: "And modest too... I'm glad about that"

She: "I think we could become friends ~ We DO have to live in the same house after all..."
He: "And look...she brought flowers as a token of her friendship"

He: "Your beauty compares to none. I will never leave you nor forsake you."

She: "And I love you to the moon and back again.  Shall we go for our evening walk?"
He: "Yes, should we invite her to join us?"

She: "NO!"

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June 6, 2012

Mixing old and new

Creating a vignette atop my chippy cupboard with my newest finds
The candle holder and vintage mother/child print were happy additions to my decor.
I'll show you the detail later....
I decided to add this antique doorknob atop an old glass cloche. I found the idea from
a decorating magazine.  I'm trying to find just the right tresor to put underneath.
I love the contrasts of white, dark beige, glass, rust, tin.  To me, there's something so
comforting in the old mixed with the new. The worn with the elegant...
Here's  close-up detail of this gorgeous candle holder. Very stately and tall...and heavy too. Not sure if it's metal or actually iron.  I just love the base.

The top of the holder is almost as lovely as the bottom

Oh, happy day. This perfectly drippy candle came with it....sigh!

It's impossible to appreciate the beauty of this print in a picture. Just doesn't do it justice.
I couldn't part with it to the shop. This is a keeper...at least for awhile anyway. :)

I guess when I take my next pics, I should hide the hanging wire behind the vintage frames (oops) .... Just pretend for now that it's not there, ok?  *wink
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June 4, 2012

One and Done!

A moss bodice, flanked by burlap roses and faux pearls, cinched off at the waist with a gauze bow
 "imagine" wording crafted of iron with a fleur de lis stenciled below.  
And let's not forget her beautiful burlap skirt~
Here she is in all her glory, safely and forever attached to an antique door.  

wish  I could say I created this, but I'd not be truthful. 
I found her in my treasure travels.

I put her in the shop on Sunday, and she was gone on Monday.
One day..that's it!  One and done!  I'm so glad I thought to take pictures of her before I brought it in. 

I can imagine her in a garden shed, a porch, patio or a girls room. Wherever she lands, I'm sure she went to a good home.
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June 2, 2012

Rainy Day Musings

Today is a rainy day in New England...
the kind that's cold and raw...

once you're wet... you feel it in your bones kind of rain..

I know...since I've already been drenched today...raincoat and all...
but it was fun...

treasure~ hunting for the shop (and myself) but more on that in a later post.

All I want to do now is a snuggle in with a good book
a steaming cup of coffee
and read until I nap... 
(I guess that's the reward of rising at 6:00 am on a Saturday morn)
Maybe a blanket will chase away the chill in my bones...

Rainy days are perfect for deep thought and reflection...
for taking stock of your life... to count your blessings
...face your losses
and be grateful for the life you've lived

to ask the questions:
...Where am I headed?
...Where have I been?
...What can I change.... what can I not?

and quiet yourself to hear....
to wait upon God,
as He speaks to your heart...
and tends to your soul.

To know that no matter where you are in life...
in whatever state you find yourself,
your Father in Heaven will always be drawing you and wooing
you unto Himself...
He will never let you go...all you need to do is ask...
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