February 1, 2011

What is this???

For White Wednesday over at Faded Charm, I wanted to show you this set I picked up at an estate sale over the summer. It's so lovely, but I'm just not sure exactly what it is or what it's worth. Can anyone help me figure this out? It came as sort of two sets....one teapot with a sugar bowl and creamer, one chocolate looking pot with sugar bowl and creamer and a piece that almost looks like a small casserole dish with cover. There's also a round butter dish with cover that somehow didn't make the picture.
It's trimmed in gold as you can see
Very graceful feminine lines to it

You can kind of see in the pic below that the top row of gold is raised, unlike the gold line underneath

The bottoms are marked P.K. Silesia with something that looks like eagles wings above it, as you can see below. I looked it up online, and all I could find out was that it seems to be in the family of R.S. Prussia.

I have no idea how old it is, or what it's worth. All the pieces are in top shape with no chips or nicks. Anyone in the know? I'd appreciate any help or resource you could send my way.
Thanks Blog friends...and have a wonderful week. Happy White Wednesday everyone!


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Absolutely delightful treasures~ I love the pretty white with the gold! I don't know anything about the maker or history- but it certainly is beautiful! :)

Victorian1885 said...

Lovely find! I am afraid I am no help with your question..sorry!

Mikey Fuller said...

What you have is a formal tea and coffee service. The tall "chocolate-looking pot" is for coffee (or hot chocolate) The shorter pot is for tea. You have also the creamer and sugar. The small "casserole-looking" dish is the waste pot. This is where you'd put spent tea leaves, squished lemon wedges, etc. They are very pretty! By the mark on them they are probably made in Barvaria (once part of Prussia). Overall this set appears complete! Thery're may have been other matching pieces, cups, plates, saucers, etc. But many just bought the tea service, as it was much cheaper than silver or even pewter at the time. I've sold similar sets for up to $500.00. Enjoy!

Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

Tania said...

What an absulutly gorgeous set. Its so pretty
Tina xxx

Unknown said...

Found you over at Passionate for White, nice blog I am your newest follower.


Sherrie said...

What a beautiful set!

Betty said...

I've just discovered your blog and am your newest follower. I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. To see rules for playing along go to http://shabbyteaparty.blogspot.com Your blog is awesome. Hugs

Martha, syracuse ny said...

This is my great great great grandmother's china. She was married in Carol County Ohio. An aunt of mine gave me what was left of the china that was given to her by another family member after her death. I was made between 1860-1880. I am sorry I don't know the name of the pattern. I found the marking. I am trying to recover all the pieces to make 8 place settings. I have been able to get only a piece at a time. For between $0.99--19.99 for 6piece berry set. Interested in selling the tea pot? I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to part with it. It is very simple and beautiful!