May 23, 2012

Little weekend finds

Found just a few small tresors on my "hunt" this weekend past...
This white washed cubby for one, along with the goodies inside: 

a vintage westclox clock
2 antique little jars...
a Dundee Orange Marmalade jar w/cover (not antique, but sweet just the same)
a rusty metal garden candle lantern.  The cloche style glass is very heavy.

Here's a close up of the jars. The one on the left is a genuine antique marmalade jar. The imprint on the bottom states Not Genuine Unless Bearing WMP Hartley's Label  MF

a transfer ware cup (is this an egg cup?) 
If so...that's sure one big chicken that lays THAT egg...
Perhaps a dessert cup ~ any ideas?

Nothing says farmhouse kitchen like an old rusty scale. (Shabby green and white)

A vintage candy tin from England

And of course, scoring this bling made me very happy.  The rhinestone bracelet at the top of the pitcher is sweet, but I wish you could see the way the blue and clear rhinestones sparkled on that choker. Lasted not even two days in the shop.

Small tresors, but enough to make the hunt fun! 
What finds have you brought home this week?
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Pura Vida said...

hmm, maybe a custard cup? I want to find a book and nestle down in your is awesome! And your finds are wonderful, make me want to go hunting today!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Such great treasures Karen! You have a terrific eye for goods. I'm not surprised that pretty choker sold right away.
Wish I could say I've found some neat treasures lately, too, but not having much luck (other than your fabulous white event in April!).
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Karen said...

Hi Karen ~
My daughter and I have had fun decorating her first apartment thru finds at WCS! We bought old french doors for her headboard that we repainted together, 3 vintage pieces of luggage for her nightstand (we also taped off sections of one of these and painted), a vanity with mirror which we painted in a duck egg blue, and a white set of drawers. We're now looking for a medium sized bookcase for her college binders. The thrill of the hunt is so much fun, especially doing it together. Love your stuff at the shop, too.