April 6, 2011

As promised~

It's pretty late at night, but I told you I'd share a few of the things I've been painting for the "At Home with White Event". I really feel behind the eight ball and a bit ill prepared, but it's all a learning process. I think I have enough big items but I worry that my smaller accessories may be lacking... (after looking at Sandi and Mary Ellen's blogs) Yikes...I hope they'll help me create some sweet vignettes if they have the time on opening day. Anyway, here are three old door panels I hand painted....
Which one do YOU like best?
Here is a scalloped shelf or cornice that my friend Tina gave me. I just gave it a fresh coat of creamy paint.
This old folding wood chair also got a coat of paint, along with that little vintage table to the left of the pic.
I painted this chest white and then stenciled it....happy with the results. It's a pretty big size chest for sure! Will hold a lot of blankets or your favorite things. Great storage piece.
I found these little gold beauties, hit them with some paint, and thought leaving the gold rims looked prettier this way.
This was my most difficult piece to paint. Glad it's finally done. :)
Lastly, I want to show you two things I picked up for the sale that I decided I couldn't part with. They will just have to stay in my home for awhile before I set them free. This little jar is just well...SWEET. It's lettered in black and reads "Sweets" around the jar. Adorable.
I picked this desk up at an auction a few weeks ago.
Look at the detail
The drawer pulls are to die for
And look at those shabby chippy legs! I think I will use this for my computer desk in my little hallway office. Perhaps I'll sell the one I'm using now.
Well, if it's not too late, I'll hook up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday. Hope you all have beautiful dreams tonight.

Blessings and Hugs,



Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Swoon!!! So much gorgeousness!!!

Oh Karen I can't wait to see your display! I think we are neighbors in the tent!!

Vintage Gal said...

Karen ~ I LOVE it all. My goodness the painted garden sign. Have a great day~;-)

Crystal said...

I love everything!!! It's all gorgeous!! Amazing what a fresh coat of white can do!!!! I don't blame you for keeping the desk and jar....I would be in trouble....I would have kept everything!!! Good luck on your sale!!!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hi Karen,
It was so great to meet you today!! I just love your blog and will now follow you. Thanks so much for already taking time to visit mine. I am still swooning over my purchases from you today. The shutter is looking amazing against my living room wall, and the wicker basket is so pretty in my dining room. I'll be posting pics of our meeting as well. Thank you so much!
- Susan

Unknown said...

oh Karen...i can't tell YOU how excited it was meeting you and sandi for the fist time too! i am just now getting back from my trip and then dinner and a visit with my in-laws but i wanted to go STRAIGHT to my computer the minute i got home to email you all. your WCS event was beyond gorgeous! truly...you all did such an awesome job! it took my breath away to see so much white inspiration! the way it was all set up was STUNNING! you should be very proud of yourselves. you must be exhausted? another beautiful day tomorrow too so best of luck. we'll keep in touch for sure! I want to put a Todd Farm date on the calendar . ok??

Barbara Jean said...

How on earth do you ever do such perfect painting??? It is wonderful.

barbara jean

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hello Karen,

I can't stop thinking about how wonderful your white tent event was. It was so special to meet you, and now I've been perusing your blog. I can't get over how incredible your treasures are - I especially loved those glitter ornaments you made at Christmas time. You have such the talent! And I must tell you how many comments I've received on my blog about that shutter I got from you. Everyone LOVES it! I will try to do it justice in my home, it is truly beautiful. And I love walking through my dining room and seeing that cute wicker basket I got from you holding my linens.

I MUST return to your store sooner than later! And it would be great if you and Sandi could make the trip up to Todd Farm Flea Market some day this spring.

Take care (and I look forward to seeing your post of the event - ooh la la!),